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Real Estate Tax Relief for New England Businesses
New England businesses pay some of the highest real estate tax in the nation...

Recover overpaid tax and minimize future tax liabilities

Property tax is an area that is often not given enough attention due to the complexity of the process, expertise required, or lack of time and cost involved in pursuing a reduction.

At TetraTax, we spend the time and have the expertise necessary to thoroughly review your property tax assessment and determine if a reduction is warranted.

Our review includes:

  • Determine if municipal property assessment exceeds market value
  • Inspect property for physical, functional, property specific issues
  • Examine municipal property records for clerical or factual errors
  • Evaluate similar properties for assessment uniformity
  • Check for specific statutory issues
  • Report our findings to you

Review will determine if you are over paying property tax

If our review reveals that your property is over assessed we will take it through the appeal process (informal, local, and court level if necessary) to recover over paid tax and minimize future tax liabilities.

If the review reveals that your property is fairly assessed we will inform you of our findings and notify you of any changes in market conditions that could effect your property tax in the future.

No Risk Opportunity... No Savings - No Fees
We conduct an in-depth analysis of your property to determine if your real estate is being fairly assessed by your municipality. If our analysis indicates that your assessment is incorrect we will pursue a reduction at the informal, local and to the court level if necessary. We pay for all costs and share in the savings with you. No savings - No fees!

For more information on the services we offer please contact us at 978-518-2053 or info@tetratax.com

Specializing in property tax recovery in CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, & VT

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